ReAttach Training


Part I: Basic Skills Training (3 days)

This course provides clinicians with a new technique that effectively helps clients with trauma and self-limiting beliefs.

A Certificate of Attendance of Basic Training in ReAttach Therapy is issued after 3 days full training. Registration and Diploma will be provided to  students who have completed 5 case-studies successfully.

Training overview

Day 1:  The first part of the ReAttach Protocol and how to improve affective mentalization under multiple sensory processing conditions.

Day 2: The second part of the ReAttach Protocol,Cognitive Bias Modification, pro-active coping and activation of learning potential.

Day 3: Consolidate the training and apply ReAttach as a systemic approach. Introduction in working with special groups.


Clinical Psychologists,  Psychiatrists, Counsellors/Psychotherapists  Occupational Therapists


Students, therapists and trainers are registered by ReAttach Therapy Institute.Quality is monitored by  ReAttach Therapy International Foundation.

Terms of Cancellation

In the unlikely event of ReAttach Therapy Institute cancelling a training, a full refund will be given or alternative dates arranged.


Part II: ReAttach for Autism

Therapists who want to learn the additional skills needed to work with individuals with autism spectrum disorders are obliged to have finished basic skills training first.

Part III: ReAttach Master Class

Experienced ReAttach therapists might attend Master Class to enter our train the trainer construction.











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