ReAttach a new schema therapy for adults and children?

ReAttach is an orthopedagogical intervention focusing on reduction of problems with emotion regulation, multi-sensory processing and affective mentalization. Then the method focuses on activation of potential growth in terms of awareness and acceptance of self and others, cognitive bias modification and stimulation of healthy patterns such as pro-active coping.

Complex Development Disorders

The impact for patients with development disorders or severe psychopathology is overwhelming. Gaps in development can be filled by activating new skills:

- Multiple Sensory Processing
- Social Initiative, Engagement, Joint Attention
- Social Communication Skills
- Self Awareness
- Imagination, anticipation
- Behaviour Control
- Affective Mentalization
- Self-Reflection
- Self-Responsibility
- Pro-Active Coping

Simple Complex

ReAttach is an intervention that can be learned in a few days. Practical training is necessary for all professionals working with ReAttach. Training information can be found here

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